Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Uncovering Your Best Industry Options Pt. 1

We will want to help market you so that you are attractive to the widest range of employers. Experience has proven that people of all ages are moving into exciting new industries, and with less difficulty than in the past. If industry change is of interest to you, please review this brief discussion.

Transition to a new industry is easier than it used to be. Historically, people have overrated the barriers and underrated their abilities to move into new areas. The vast majority of all new jobs are created by small and mid-sized businesses. So, while major employers are still important, you may want to explore positions with startups or emerging companies.

If you choose the right industry, you will have more growth opportunities, perhaps meaningful stock options, an environment that is likely to be more positive, a chance for more regular pay increases and probably advancement.

Identifying new industry options

The first way to do this is to increase your awareness of the fastest growing industries and companies. These firms have to go outside their industry to find the best talent and skills.

The second way is to list characteristics of your industries... and find similar industries. We use software to compare your industry’s characteristics with 2,500 others... e.g., 35 industries may be an 85% match.

Keep in mind that projecting some form of an “industry hook” is the next best thing to having industry experience. Group your possibilities three ways: (1) close industry hooks, easy possibilities; (2) medium industry hooks, next best; (3) far reach or stretch industry hooks.

When changing industries, you also don’t want to overlook your leverage power... the added benefits you may bring by virtue of your contacts or knowledge. You may be able to bring a team with you that helped in similar situations.

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