Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Important to Neutralize Your Liabilities

We will be recommending solutions for best neutralizing any liabilities that you possess. As part of our job hunting information system, you will be able to initially review solutions that we have developed and refined over the years for all common liabilities. We will ask you to review these. Once you have done that, we will custom fit those solutions to your personal situation.

Common liabilities

Few professionals devote enough thought to properly handling their liabilities... in their resumes and letters... and in their phone conversations and interviews. We’ve learned from experience that if you don’t anticipate all of your liabilities and develop strategies for neutralizing them, you will lose out on many good opportunities for which you are well qualified.

Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of their liabilities until it’s too late. The good news is that in the course of serving tens of thousands of clients, we have developed proven solutions for largely neutralizing almost any concern you may have, and they are very easy to put into action.

  • Unemployed.
  • Unemployed a while.
  • Age could be a concern.
  • Changed jobs too often.
  • Too specialized.
  • Too generalized.
  • Too long with one firm.
  • Too long in one industry.
  • Lack a degree.
  • Career may have peaked.
  • Lack large firm experience.
  • Firm has done poorly.
  • Jobs are all similar.
  • Lack career progression.
  • History has gaps.
  • Been passed over.
  • References are doubtful.
  • Haven’t been a leader.
  • Been an entrepreneur.
  • Short work history.
  • Need to change careers.
  • Just changed positions.
  • Achievements are minor.
  • Earnings have been low.
  • Need confidentiality.
  • Too high previous earnings.
  • Job titles aren’t impressive.
  • Lack line experience.
  • Need much more income.
  • Achievements not measurable.

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