Thursday, October 20, 2011

Connecting You to Public & Private Openings Pt. 2

Privacy issues

Once your resume is posted on any number of job boards, you have no idea who may have access to your material. Almost all major job boards sell access to their resume databases. Both employers and recruiters utilize these services as part of their search for candidates. Since every word in your resume is scannable, anyone who uses their services might uncover your resume. This is just one more reason for using short resumes, materials that don’t reveal anything unnecessary... on the Internet.


Aggregators are sites that go out and “spider” other sites... and subsequently list all openings in one place. They by no means represent the entire public market, but these sites make it much more convenient for people to find what they want and respond accordingly.

Some sites are free and others charge a fee to subscribe to their service. Currently they claim to aggregate openings from thousands of sources, but none come close to representing the entire public market.

Be aware, the more successful these sites become—the more job seekers compete with you. These sites also must grapple with the problems of all job boards relative to duplicate job listings, false listings and jobs that keep reappearing on a regular basis. In an era of identify theft, you don’t want to let complete information fall into the wrong hands. This is another reason for using one-page resumes as your introductory material, and not revealing your complete story.

Over the years some less than legitimate recruiting agencies have been notorious for running ads to simply collect resumes. Then, they try to shop them to employers for a placement commission. Unfortunately, too many people have been burned when their resume reaches their current employer.

Too many online ads are posted which sound like an attractive position, but which subsequently result in a response that asks you to fill out an on-line profile that seeks disclosure of a substantial amount of private information. This is partially caused by the “dehumanization” of the recruiting process in our Internet era. But, be assured, there are others who are collecting this information for different purposes. How do you tell which ads are real? Look for openings that really target what an employer is looking for.

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