Thursday, November 18, 2010

Above and Beyond

There are a lot of discouraged job seekers out there, with good reason, but you can't let that take all the steam out of your drive for employment. 

There are still over 4 million good jobs going unfilled this very moment. No kidding. Keep in mind the door swings both ways and many employers are not finding the caliber of people they want to fill openings. But then again, they haven't met you yet!

Take your initiative to the next level.  Contact employers who have not advertised, but are the most likely to need your talents.  Before a job ever gets advertised, it is often filled by referrals, networking, recruiting from competitor firms, or a letter hits the desk of the decision maker at just the right time.  It could be yours.

Develop some ideas about how you can make contributions to employers, in light of trends in their industry.  Then identify key people in companies in the industry, and write them, letting them know you’d appreciate feedback from a knowledgeable industry source as to whether your ideas make sense.

The idea listed above can be something as simple as learning the birthdays of the higher-ups at a company you want to work for and sending them well wishes and reminding them of your yearning to be a part of their business. 

When you read business news, ask yourself, might this signal an opportunity for me?  SET Personal Marketing streams news daily from our website and Facebook page to people for trends, target industries and locations. 

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