Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enjoyment is Key

There is no substitute for working at a job you enjoy.

You may not love your job or jump out of bed every morning with excitement to go in, but to be completely miserable is not healthy.

Having the right job can affect your feelings, your family, your  energy and even your whole outlook on life. 

Do people recognize this? Of course they do. But, when it  comes to jobs and careers, most people play it safe. They tend to underestimate themselves and therefore remain in jobs that offer little future. Worse yet, many are in positions that are dull, routine and less than challenging. 

These people have stopped growing. They are not giving themselves a chance. Why? Well, it’s easier to stay with what is familiar rather than risk the unknown. 

It is also hard to overcome inertia and take that first step. However, one of the great lessons about jobs and careers is that every person has a reservoir of talents and skills that are untapped. 

What’s more, this unused potential has been proven to exist at virtually all ages. 

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