Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get More Out of Your Resume with Advice from SET Personal Marketing

Your resume is one of the most important aspects to your job search. From the first impression to the first ideas an employer formulates about you, the resume is your introduction and your first chance at getting a foot in the door.

The truth is, however, resumes are difficult. Formatting, proofreading, designing, there's probably nothing more tedious than spending a weekend coming up with a resume, much less three -- which is what we recommend that you have. But if your resume hasn't been getting you results, maybe it's time for you to revisit your resume because the results will pay off. SET Personal Marketing shows you how!

First Resume: Introductions, Quick Meetings, Networking
Your first and primary resume is just one page. Say it again: one page. The thing to keep in mind is resumes aren't an obituary detailing every job and aspect of your employment history. Rather, they're an advertisement for what you can do for a company in the future. Don't list everything you've ever accomplished. Instead highlight your best accomplishments, skills and abilities. Show a company how your experience translates into potential success for them. Use this light, one-page resume for any networking opportunities, any time you answer an advertisement by mail or for preemptively reaching out to employers you want to work for.

Second Resume: Interviews, Follow-up Conversations
This is the resume that gives you and your experience the breathing room you probably wanted in your first resume. But still keep in mind that this is again more about promoting what you can do than what you did. However, give extended examples and greater details about how you might have improved a situation, a process or position. Bring this resume with you to interviews or other places where introductions have already been made and you wish to further demonstrate what you can bring to the table.

Third Resume: Internet and Digital Networking
Possibly more important than any other resume, your electronic resume is tailored to answer ads you encounter on the Internet or connections you make online. While this resume should follow the same rules as the first, primary resume mentioned earlier, the important thing to keep in mind is that this resume should be loaded up with keywords, as many employers are using technology that scans resumes for specific words. Even more effective in addition to this is creating a website where your resume is easily downloaded and viewable, and then you can include the URL on emails to employers. It shows that you're embracing technology and capable of using it.

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  1. If there any gaps in your C.V prepare an answer for your job interview explaining why. Suggest you wanted to pursue other goals in life such as: swing dancing (rather than writing this in the hobbies and interests section of your C.V). As long as you show you were kept active during your unemployed period it will appear your ambitious and therefore a more likely candidate in their workplace. Don’t mention failures at your past job

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