Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Success is all in the attitude

A positive attitude is what separates those who succeed from those who don't, simply because if you expect the worst then the worst is likely what you'll end up with. A bad attitude will force you to give up quicker, settle or stay in a situation where you don't want to be.

Here we offer some guidelines on how to keep that positive momentum going.

1. Establish positive beliefs. Keep reminding yourself of what you have accomplished, though at times it can be difficult. But you have done a lot of things and there's more that you're capable of doing. Make a list of the positive things, making it as comprehensive or as long as you want. It will reassure your positivity when it's put onto paper and can help you later when times get rough.

2. Trash the negative beliefs. Now that you've built up yourself with positive beliefs, the next step is to get rid of anything negative that might hold you back. Realistically look at everything that you are facing and realize that there are ways to overcome anything. Once you start seeing areas of opportunity, you'll notice ways in which you can take advantage of these areas and make a change.

3. Set the bar high. Our perceptions and expectations directly affect what comes to us. If you look at leaders in  any industry, you'll see that all of them do what they do with the highest expectations of their abilities and success. Learn from them.

4. Put your expectations in action. Recognize that there are going to be difficulties, but don't lose hope and positivity when engaging with potential employers and opportunities. Keep your momentum going at all times.

5. Exude positivity. Tell friends and mentors about your positive beliefs, as this will only further establish your commitment to success. Let ideas flow in your attitude, and understand that positivity is always a work in progress that will take work and time to develop. But people recognize positivity and are attracted to it. A firm handshake and a confident look in your eye can go a long way in being recognized by others for your potential.

6. Take action. Activity is the catalyst for success. Nothing happens without action and remaining active in everything that you do will only provide more and more energy for other aspects of your life. All successful people share this same attitude and energy.

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